Release note – Post Like Free 1.0.3

Post Like Free Plugin for WordPress is ready for download. Version 1.0.3 is the latest and stable version, we recommend installing this version of the plugin. At this point, the plugin is complete with the Plugin Settings page, Documentation and other Support Forum links. We have fixed and developed following in this plugin


  • Added Plugin Settings page under the Settings Menu in WordPress Dashboard.
  • Basic & Style Settings.
  • Option to change Like, Unlike Text
  • Option to select Like Icon from three different icons.
  • Options to change text, icon and counter font size, color and alignment.
  • Documentation, Support Forum and Releases link in the sidebar of the post like settings page.
  • Added Uninstall.php for removing plugin options when the post like plugin is deleted.
  • Support to show on WordPress Default pages.
  • Filter hook to add more custom post types support. pl_display_post_like_link_on

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