Add custom columns to taxonomy list table

By default category or taxonomy list table has following 4 columns.

  1. Name (Displays the name of taxonomy)
  2. Description (Displays description of taxonomy)
  3. Slug (Displays taxonomy slug)
  4. Count (Displays number of posts attached to the taxonomy)

In order to add or remove columns to category or taxonomy list table page we can use  following pre defined WordPress filter hooks. Where {taxonomy} is the name of registered taxonomy e.g; category, custom_taxonomy, books etc.

  1. manage_edit-{taxonomy}_columns (Manage table columns)
  2. manage_{taxonomy}_custom_column (Add column content)

🥒 Add Custom Column to ‘carousel_category’ taxonomy table.

@param array $columns | Array of column names.

🥗 Add Column Content to ‘carousel_category’ taxonomy table.

@param string $content | Blank content.
@param string $column_name | Name of the column.
@param int $term_id | Term ID.

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